Uncle Joe Bloggs Returns

What seems like a lifetime ago now, Bury Bob and I spent a couple of years creating this comedy character.

Brendon, who is the living breathing version of BB is a very talented comedian and writer who deals with his various challenges using comedy as a release valve.

We parted our ways a couple of years ago now and Im not sure what he is up to , but at this time of sadness for Manchester , it seemed like a good time to remind people what gets us through times like these.

It’s a beautiful sunny day in the hills above Manchester and from up here it is hard to imagine the shock and horror felt on that stairwell as the people around the loser whoflicked the switch,realised what was about to happen.

I have spent the last few days bursting into tears every few hours as different layers of this attrosity rise to the surface .

That venue previously held one of my most treasured memories.

Watching the Eagles on the last gig of their Hell Freezes Over Tour, just 4 days before I emigrated to Canada.

Now all I can see are images of horror there.

The last thing we want is a backlash from our right wing friends, but I don’t think public oppinion is going to stop those people from picking on people who are probably totaly innocent of any connections to these horrible losers.

But, as we see with there allegiance to ukip, these people have no continuous train of thought.

They merely grab onto the headline of the moment and start to generate more hate.

Mother Tereasa would never attend a function that was ‘ anti’ anything, on pro something. Her thought process was if you push against something it will push back, but if you give it nothing to push against you will watch it use it’s energy to destroy itself.

If you put that with the first law of physics and you have a fairly convincing agument for peaceful means.

IS don’t seem to be people you can sit and debate a point with, but Iran is a nation wanting to get back into the international community and they fund most of the other terrorist organisations.

This is who we need to create a dialog with and stop them and the Saudis fighting a proxy war against eachother using places like Yemen and african states.

Anyway the damage is done in Manchester. I was about a hundred metre from the IRA bobmb that caused that very arena to be built and that part of town to be revitalised.

But , I can’t see what good can come out of this, it’s just a pointless tragerdy and all we can do is support those who were affected in anyway we can.

And to the communities that these losers come from, it’s up to you to open up and become part of the British nation and become our front line of diffence from your muslim brothers, who don’t seem to get that killing people has nothing to do with god, only evil power hungry TWATS.


Alternative comedy is coming back to life.

  When I was young people judged how ‘long in the tooth’ they were getting, by measuring themselves against how young policemen looked.

 These days you don’t see many policemen on the beat so I’ve started using a different criteria….

 stand up comedians.

 I don’t remember in the early days of alternative comedy anybody talking about their mother, other than in how she had been a suffocating influence in their lives.

 The other night I was watching some guy…don’t ask me his name they all look the same to me….and he was talking about how his mum was having trouble with understanding a computer….really radical I thought and switched off.

 One of the few shining lights in the darkness is Lee Nelson who shows us how to work a crowd, be cheeky, get a couple of subliminal messages across and leave. A real pro who has obviously paid his dues in lots of different venues and appeals to all ages and races apparently.

 Unfortunately, the rest of the comedy scene in the UK seems to be bereft of original talent.

 Soon Manchester youtube funny man Bury Bob will be taking his internet comedy into the live comedy club environment. He has been working hard on the act trying to find an mood that is both original and approachable. Expect to see him out there in the Manchester comedy clubs in September 2011.

 In the meantime he has released his latest video ”Granddad’s Sausage”

and it’s causing a bit of a stir… check it out here

>Alternative Manchester comedian Bury Bob is sick of BBC comedy!


Bob’s song for the demise of football.


About a year ago I returned to the UK to try and ”get back to my roots” after living in Canada, Spain and Denmark over a period of 15 years.
My goal was to gather together a bunch of talented people I had known for years and get some kind of coop together. People from different disciplines working together to create material that was as far away from the tired BBC, ITV mainstream as possible. My theory was ”If I’m sick of this crap”, there must be a large number of people out there who are thinking the same and with the internet it’s just a matter of finding those people.
I got in touch with the guy I’d met in Spain and we began to meet once a week at my flat ‘ up int thills’ above Manchester,UK.  He was an ex ”olic’ , that is, if you could abuse it he’d taken it and he also suffered from schizophrenia – not the best choice of a business partner, you might think – but we found that we clicked on many levels and began to work on a project to take into the schools around Salford to use his experiences to warn kids from rougher areas about the consequences of substance abuse.
He had always had the nick name of bury bobz so we decided to take the z off and make it Bury Bob and build the character around that. One afternoon I said ”Right lets try something different”
We set the camera rolling….my little 5 year old Panasonic camcorder – turned down the lights and started talking. Very quickly Bob appeared. An opinionated scally Manchester bloke with a very warped, but very funny view of the world. I sat behind the camera and watched in amazement as …the one who shall henceforth be known as Bury bob…came to life,
Over the next 3 months we had more of these sessions and uploaded them to You Tube and slowly but surely other characters began to appear from  Bob’s schizophrenic, from Terry Bull. q list confidant to the stars,well asteroids, to Snood P Whipper Salford’s urban warrior poet, rapper and general bad boy subversive. We even have a cannibal chef called Canny Kenny Bull ,Terry’s cousin.
Bob built a very strange and very orange website and over the following months developed a place where he could let us share his warped imagination and uniquely funny veiw of the world we live in.
We wanted to get to all those people who are sick of Saturday night pap and have an interactive site where people could send in questions for Bob and then film his responses. It would be an interesting experiment in interactive internet improv comedy. (Try saying that after a few smokes…I mean pints)
We built up Bob’s back story and  sketched out a family history so we could begin to involve other people, which was my original plan.
We intend to carry on working as a small tight knit group doing stuff that makes us laugh and having a bit of fun. Eventually we will be doing a full podcast with all the characters turning up and involving a larger group of friends and colleagues, but first we have to make a little money and we are relying on advertisers and donations for that as we would like to keep the site as free as possible for our users who need a laugh, because they don’t have any money or a job or a….don’t let me go there, I don’t want to have a rant.
We are also looking to help local good causes and I recently met a wonderful inspiring man called David Feldman from The Princes Trust group of charities and am hoping to be able to help in their goal to make Burnley rise from the ashes of despair and become the guiding light for inner city regeneration in the 21st century. They are doing wonderful things there in a very practical way.
So you guys , our aims are modest…to bring a little sunshine and laughter into people’s lives in these dark times.
So if you like the sound of Bury Bob and would like to have a private chuckle check out the website and register with us so we can keep you informed and find out what is important in your world.
Just as a footnote we have also done several tunes that might be of interest, one of which is currently in the top 50 at revernation.com an online indie music chart. Your votes would be appreciated there a we would love to get to number one. The song is called Only on F  in Salford featuring Snood P Whipper

My name is Ian Jameson …henceforth known as
Uncle Joe Bloggs
Love and peace and all that shit!

>Manchester Kings of English football. Bury Bob asks where is This Beautiful Game


Manchester is the capital of English football. It’s official! Throphies and titles abound. The backslapping begins in the board rooms as they justify the mind boggling sums of money they spend and vie eachother for a bigger piece of the pie.
Nostalga cannot help but raise it’s head reminding us of former glory days. The days when hotdogs were the staple diet on the terraces, not prawn sandwhiches and fine cheeses. Players with names you could pronounce.
Were things better when teams were not the all powerful money machines they are today.I don’t know, maybe you would like to give me your thoughts on that.
Football songs are normally ghatly things that are aimed at the lowest common denominatoer.
This beautiful Game by Bury Bob is the exception. The lyrics are on the nail and the music keeps your ears interested.
Maybe all you fellow Mancunions out there should take this as your anthem for the summer.
How live do you want it to be. It’s up to you.
Uncle Joe Bloggs

>Nymphette becomes a Nymph.


In a cosy arts centre in rural France recently;a friend of mine came of age. The song I’ve attached is the magic moment captured on tape…well chip.
Nymphet handles the difficult melody almost with disdain as she floats over the very live backing of raggle taggle gypsies thrown together for the evening by her father and producer Graham Roberts.
Graham’s credentials go back more that 30 years from comedy cult band Brownsville Banned to chart topping records in the European market with his partner in crime Ailsa ,who also happens to be his wife and mother to Nymphet. Hmm I’m beginning to see a pattern here.
But this isn’t a Britney Spears arrangement in any way. It is a meeting of generations. young learning from old, old learning from the young. The meeting of enthusiasm and experience..
The evening I am told by Graham was chaotic to say the least. Not only was he having to play on half the songs due to lack of rehearsal time , but also running a remote recording and videoing of the occasion for a future promotional video for this newly found talent.
Recorded completely live you can feel Nymphet feeling the lyric and transposing it into a voice that raises the hairs on your neck. I look forward to the studio version and hopefully,album.
Please give it a listen and comment I would like to know if it’s just me, lol.
Love and peace
Uncle Joe Bloggs