Manchester is the capital of English football.

Manchester is the capital of English football. It’s official! Throphies and titles abound. The backslapping begins in the board rooms as they justify the mind boggling sums of money they spend and vie eachother for a bigger piece of the pie.

Nostalga cannot help but raise it’s head reminding us of former glory days. The days when hotdogs were the staple diet on the terraces, not prawn sandwhiches and fine cheeses. Players with names you could pronounce.
Were things better when teams were not the all powerful money machines they are today.I don’t know, maybe you would like to give me your thoughts on that.
Football songs are normally ghatly things that are aimed at the lowest common denominatoer.
This beautiful Game by Bury Bob is the exception. The lyrics are on the nail and the music keeps your ears interested.
Maybe all you fellow Mancunions out there should take this as your anthem for the summer.
How live do you want it to be. It’s up to you.
Uncle Joe Bloggs