Uncle Joe Bloggs Returns

What seems like a lifetime ago now, Bury Bob and I spent a couple of years creating this comedy character.

Brendon, who is the living breathing version of BB is a very talented comedian and writer who deals with his various challenges using comedy as a release valve.

We parted our ways a couple of years ago now and Im not sure what he is up to , but at this time of sadness for Manchester , it seemed like a good time to remind people what gets us through times like these.

It’s a beautiful sunny day in the hills above Manchester and from up here it is hard to imagine the shock and horror felt on that stairwell as the people around the loser whoflicked the switch,realised what was about to happen.

I have spent the last few days bursting into tears every few hours as different layers of this attrosity rise to the surface .

That venue previously held one of my most treasured memories.

Watching the Eagles on the last gig of their Hell Freezes Over Tour, just 4 days before I emigrated to Canada.

Now all I can see are images of horror there.

The last thing we want is a backlash from our right wing friends, but I don’t think public oppinion is going to stop those people from picking on people who are probably totaly innocent of any connections to these horrible losers.

But, as we see with there allegiance to ukip, these people have no continuous train of thought.

They merely grab onto the headline of the moment and start to generate more hate.

Mother Tereasa would never attend a function that was ‘ anti’ anything, on pro something. Her thought process was if you push against something it will push back, but if you give it nothing to push against you will watch it use it’s energy to destroy itself.

If you put that with the first law of physics and you have a fairly convincing agument for peaceful means.

IS don’t seem to be people you can sit and debate a point with, but Iran is a nation wanting to get back into the international community and they fund most of the other terrorist organisations.

This is who we need to create a dialog with and stop them and the Saudis fighting a proxy war against eachother using places like Yemen and african states.

Anyway the damage is done in Manchester. I was about a hundred metre from the IRA bobmb that caused that very arena to be built and that part of town to be revitalised.

But , I can’t see what good can come out of this, it’s just a pointless tragerdy and all we can do is support those who were affected in anyway we can.

And to the communities that these losers come from, it’s up to you to open up and become part of the British nation and become our front line of diffence from your muslim brothers, who don’t seem to get that killing people has nothing to do with god, only evil power hungry TWATS.


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