Who is this Bury Bob Anyway?


In the last couple of weeks I’ve been, what I can only describe as harassed by my friends from Manchester. Coming from Merseyside I don’t take too kindly to woolLybacks from the enemy camp telling me what I should or shouldn’t be doing, especially when it comes to comedy.


Everybody knows that Liverpool is, always has been and always will be the epicentre of comedy and comedians on the planet. Don’t you dare disagree,


Anyway, by the time I got my third link on my facebook page I gave in. I went to http://www.burybob.com/ prepared to glance at what they were going on about so I could retaliate with scathing scouse wit and clever put downs.


For a start the site is orange, and I mean really orange…not the best start for a good catholic girl like me…well I went to church until I was 14, but I suppose that was several years ago now(cough).


The front page was full of warnings not to enter unless you had an open mind and had a very silly banner half way down the page which made me chuckle despite my intention to cast aside this upstart from the land of the red devils.


At the top of the page were 15 page buttons yes 15….I picked one at random and came across a slightly gay guy called Terry Bull who began to ramble on about his celebrity charges …was this for real …it certainly looked it….until I listened to what he was saying. That was my fatal mistake. As soon as I began to be taken in by this daemon I began to chuckle again. I bit my tongue…hard…still the chuckling persisted …OMG. He’s even got some kind of wooly back accent …and I’m chuckling.


I quickly clicked another button figuring it was a lucky break on his part and then I came across a guy in army fatigues talking about suicide bombers…not a subject that you would think has a lot of laughs in it…..but again I found myself not only chuckling ,but laughing out loud. This is not material that you can play for the vicar as the language was quite strong, but it fitted the character perfectly, so I stayed and listened to this guy for 5 minutes……and didn’t think…there’s five minutes I’ll never get back,,,No, I actually enjoyed it.


I clicked on button after button and each time found a different character, all of whom were funny,original and likeable. Even the cannibal…yes you heard me…a cannibal. ”Dahma the charmer” was the title of the piece. How could a guy sitting there in bad lighting , with obviously no money being spent on anything. keep me fascinated like this. The answer gradually began to dawn on me.

This guy is talented, clever, edgy and walking the line of pc or not pc like a tightrope walker on a BBC comedy marathon.


”How come this guy isn’t a star ?”I thought. Then it occurred to me that as they hadn’t spent any money on anything. Maybe it was because they didn’t have any.


I registered on the site and got a welcome letter back from a character called uncle Joe which explained something about what was going on here and inviting me to contact him with any ideas of what Bob should be talking about next ..subject-wise.


I wrote to the email given ideas@burybob.com asking for an interview with Bob and got a reply back the next day saying that Bob wasn’t giving any interviews at the moment as he was busy preparing for the release of his first single ”This Beautiful Game”, which is a song about the corporisation of football and working on getting the site right before he started the old self promotion thing, Apparently he is trying to do something in connection with The Princes Trust to help youth teams in the Burnley area and half the proceeds would be going to a youth team from there abouts. The single will be a free download to anyone who registers before April 1st and even then will be by voluntary donation only.


”How are you going to get any money like that ” I thought.


Then I realised…because the guy was likeable and not full of his own ego and you could believe he was just wanting to help regardless of the hard edge to his comedy.


Anyway, to cut a long story short I sent off another email asking to be put on the list for an interview when the time came. I also went back to my facebook page and admitted publicly that the Manky B****stards were right.


Oh, and the song’s pretty good too.


So as the logo on his site says ”Bury Bob, catch him before the authorities do.”..you won’t regret it.


Jan smith


Freelance Writer from Netherton, Merseyside UK





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