Alternative comedy is coming back to life.

  When I was young people judged how ‘long in the tooth’ they were getting, by measuring themselves against how young policemen looked.

 These days you don’t see many policemen on the beat so I’ve started using a different criteria….

 stand up comedians.

 I don’t remember in the early days of alternative comedy anybody talking about their mother, other than in how she had been a suffocating influence in their lives.

 The other night I was watching some guy…don’t ask me his name they all look the same to me….and he was talking about how his mum was having trouble with understanding a computer….really radical I thought and switched off.

 One of the few shining lights in the darkness is Lee Nelson who shows us how to work a crowd, be cheeky, get a couple of subliminal messages across and leave. A real pro who has obviously paid his dues in lots of different venues and appeals to all ages and races apparently.

 Unfortunately, the rest of the comedy scene in the UK seems to be bereft of original talent.

 Soon Manchester youtube funny man Bury Bob will be taking his internet comedy into the live comedy club environment. He has been working hard on the act trying to find an mood that is both original and approachable. Expect to see him out there in the Manchester comedy clubs in September 2011.

 In the meantime he has released his latest video ”Granddad’s Sausage”

and it’s causing a bit of a stir… check it out here


One thought on “Alternative comedy is coming back to life.

  1. Joe Bloggs July 24, 2011 / 9:56 am

    You’ve got great insights about manchester comedy, keep up the good work!

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